Complete IAQ roster Table

Count Date of Report Building Room Concerns Person reporting Actions taken General Comments
25 April 20, 2022 Pondside 3 312 Potential mold concern James Poolman 3/19/22, 3/20/22

James Poolman who lives in room 312 in P3 reached out stating that there is black mold in the bathroom and trash can. They said they tried to clean it with bleach but don’t know if that completely got rid of the mold.

24 April 19, 2022 Holloway 230 bathroom Potential mold concern Molly Edmark 4/18/22, 4/19/22

Molly reports a severe mold problem that has returned even after cleaning shower multiple times. Resulted in one suite mate becoming severely ill.) at this location HOLL-2ND FL-230-BTHRM

23 April 7, 2022 Pondside 3 313A Potential mold concern 4/7/2022
22 April 1, 2022 Living Learning Commons 455 Dirt accumulation Caesar Barboa 1

Barbara Berthiaume referred Caesar to Physical Plant after Caesar reports persistent allergic symptoms in the room and expressed concern about dust accumulation on the air supply.

21 March 30, 2022 Pondside 2 120D Potential mold concern Joseph Duffin 3/30/22, 1 dehumidifier

I found the mold on the bottom of a bag I had left in the corner, near the leak at the foot of the bed. The bag (along with everything that was near it) has been placed inside 2 trash bags and is currently in the room; I wasn’t sure if it was needed for diagnostics or testing or what-have-you. I’m not sure if there was mold in the carpet or walls itself, but I wasn’t able to look too hard—I was already on my way out the door. Emma or Toby can show you the concerning area: it was fairly hard to miss when I left. Otherwise, I can provide my phone number, should it be necessary.

20 February 18, 2022 Carle Hall D214 Potential mold concern Jennifer Ferrell 02/18/21
19 January 19, 2022 Carle Hall 315B Potential mold concern Heather Buccini 1/19/21, 1/19/2021, 1/19/2021
18 December 20, 2021 Pondside 1 220 Potential mold concern, Health symptom cluster Jordan McKie 12/20/21

I am a sophomore living in p1 room 220. My roommates and I have been expecting headache every morning for a bit of time. We did a mold test purchased on Amazon called mold armor. I took a sample of my room and waited 24-96 hours for mold to start growing. The test has a noticeable amount of mold growing. Please inform me of how we can fix this problem before our return for the spring semester. Jordan McKie,

17 December 15, 2021 One Butler Court 308 Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Tammy marra. ( joseph son ) 12/15/21

Some dust accumulation around diffuser in 408C and common area on upper level. Clean vents in shower and toilet rooms. Will focus on this room during break over cleaning.

16 December 15, 2021 One Butler Court 408C Potential mold concern Joseph Marra 12/15/21, 12/15/21

Some dust accumulation around diffuser in 408C and common area on upper level. Clean vents in shower and toilet rooms. Will focus on this room during break over cleaning.

15 December 15, 2021 Carle Hall 305A Potential mold concern Grace Frazier 12/15/2021, 12/15/2021

The roommates in this room have had coughing in their room most of the semester. There was no evidence of mold in the space; if the symptoms recur in January, Ralph will provide an air filter for the room on a trial basis.

14 December 14, 2021 One Butler Court 215 Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Lily Derosier 12/14/21, 12/14/21

I reviewed the areas of concern they pointed out (the showers and bathrooms) and didn’t see unusual levels of dirt in this room. We will be going through all of One Butler Court over break to inspect and clean these areas. If the health symptoms recur when you return to campus, let me know and I can provide air cleaners which often help in these situations.

13 December 12, 2021 Pondside 3 214 Potential mold concern Nicholas Park 12/12/2021, 12/13/2021

mold stain in west shower; water damage in east toilet

12 December 10, 2021 Pondside 3 212 Health symptom cluster Sarah Trego 12/10/2021

Reported by Katherine Potts

11 December 9, 2021 One Butler Court 308 Dirt accumulation, Health symptom cluster Campus Safety 12/9/2021

Work order issued by campus safety referred to C&W

10 December 3, 2021 Carle Hall 405C Potential mold concern, Health symptom cluster Elizabeth Hodge 12/3/2021, 1

Initial visit scheduled for 12/7/21; no sign of mold in this space, but the occupants are concerned about airborne dust in the space. Air filter provided on a trial basis

9 December 2, 2021 Pondside 3 111 restroom Potential mold concern Jess Friedman Surface sampling (see comments), 12/2/21, 12/2/21

A leak from the shower stall above the restroom in 111 Pondside three resulted in discoloration in the ceiling. This discoloration was cleaned by C&W. After this, Ralph Stuart took a surface sample from both the bottom and top of the ceiling. Results from this sampling are expected the week of December 6. On December 3, KSC carpentry completed a temporary fix of the ceiling, including painting the ceiling with mold resistant paint. Complete repair of the ceiling will take place over winter break.

8 December 1, 2021 One Butler Court 305 Health symptom cluster Trish Wilkinson 4

Follow up visit on December 6 by C&W in response to parental concern after first cleaning. Occupants reported no concerns from them.

7 November 19, 2021 One Butler Court 312 Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Grace Catalano Airborne sampling (see comments), 11/22/2021, 11/19/2021

Concern received via work order system; airborne samples collected December 1, 2021

6 November 18, 2021 One Butler Court 313 Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Maddalena Hearn Airborne sampling (see comments), 9/21/21, 9/18/21

Received via work order system; airborne samples collected December 1, 2021

5 November 12, 2021 Pondside 3 207 suite Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern, Health symptom cluster Kelsey DeAngelis Airborne sampling (see comments), 11/15, 11/17, 11/15, 5

Airborne sampling conducted in this suite on December 1

4 October 14, 2021 Pondside 3 415 Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Kelsey DeAngelis 10/14/21, 10/14/21

I visited the suite in 415 Pondside 3 this afternoon to look at some mold concerns with the residents there. Three of the bedrooms (415 B, C and D) have accumulating dust or mold downstream of the air diffusers and around the lights (see attached picture). The shower room has mold accumulating in the southwest corner. Can your staff wipe down these areas to remove the discoloration?

In addition, the window in 415C has a leak in the east corner which is accumulating discoloration. I believe that this will require attention from the carpenter’s shop before the cleaning is effective, but it would be good if that area can be wiped as well. I have attached a picture of this as well.

3 September 30, 2021 Pondside 3 206 Potential mold concern Kelsey DeAngelis 9/30/21

No response to initial outreach

2 September 30, 2021 Carle Hall CD Apartment Dirt accumulation, Potential mold concern Mallory Colby Air quality monitoring, 9/30/21, 3

Concerns about dirt accumulation and potential mold odors in CD apartment. A dehumidifier had been supplied, but made no apparent change. Cleaning by C&W took place soon after and air quality monitoring took place for a week after the visit.

1 September 28, 2021 Pondside 3 120 suite Potential mold concern Emily Yost Air quality monitoring, Airborne sampling (see comments), 9/29/2021, 2

Emily has a known sensitivity to molds which is occurring in her room. Small amount of discoloration noted in room diffuser. Cleaning by C&W was requested. Air quality monitoring took place through October, Airborne samples were taken December 1, 2021.