Update on Mold Concerns in KSC Dorms, January 14, 2022

Written by Ralph Stuart, CIH, CCHO
Originally written: January 14, 2022
The November report can be found here.
The December report can be found here.
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In December, 2021 a collection of action steps to address mold contamination in Pondside 3 and One Butler Court were identified. These steps were undertaken and generally completed over winter break, however Covid concerns delayed the completion of shower repair work in the 207 suite in Pondside 3 until January 15.

To assess the impact of the corrective measures, we proceeded with the next round of airborne sampling on January 11. Sampling of airborne particles in and around Pondside 3 and One Butler Court was conducted. The locations of these samples were the same as those collected on December 1, 2021.

All samples (outside of those collected 207 Pondside 3, where repair work was going on) showed no Stachybotrus and lower levels of other mold species than in December. 207 Pondside 3 showed similar levels of Stachy and other molds to those found in December, most likely because the shower repair work was still underway. Re-sampling of this suite is scheduled for January 18.

Field Sampling

Airborne dust samples were taken in and around the Pondside 3 and One Butler Court using “mold trap” protocols. These samples were collected by Desmarais Environmental, Inc. and were visually examined by EM Labs PK to identify the types and quantities of the molds found in these areas.

For each dorm, six samples were taken:

  • One outdoors as an environmental control
  • One in the ground floor lobby as a building control
  • Two samples were taken in each of two suites where potential mold concerns had been identified. In Pondside 3, the suites sampled were 120 and 207. In One Butler Court, the suites sampled were 312 and 313.

The lab reports for the January 2022 samples can be seen here:


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