Feb 6th Notes

Today on February 6th was our second work day. During this work period we checked back in Rhodes Hall to make sure the 4 faculty rooms were drying up. We went and spoke to the science professor recovering more information needed about the experiment taken place a few months ago, and spent some more time on the roof learning about the ventilation system. Our main goal is to try and understand why the odor from one lab experiment was getting into the 3 other lab rooms along with faculty rooms. Lastly we recovered some of the blueprint for the TDS duct system which was also very beneficial in terms of being able to understand why we are having such a big problem.

When looking at the blueprint for the ducts we were able to spot a possible problem. The exhaust for the hoods of the science labs may be too close to the air resupply. Basically some of the fumes that are meant to be shot up and far away from the building are essentially just being recirculated through the building causing problems for the science professor and everybody else in the building

My hypothesis about this project, and what is seems like I can tell all-ready is that the ventilation system we currently have in the TDS building is not capable of ventilating any dangerous fumes. If our science department wanted to do an experiment with some dangerous gases or acids then it could be extremely dangerous for everyone else in the building. My goal is to try and come up with h cheapest possible solution for the ventilation system for improve.