March 22nd Experiment Plans

What is the direction of the air flow in Chemistry lab?

-Smoke Machine

-3 different tests (Hoods closed, Hoods open, Hoods half open)

-Allow 2 minute interval

3 different directions (original test only did one)

-Video evidence

What is the decay rate for Co2 when entire room is filled?

-Four 5 pound Co2 extinguishers or two 10 pound released at same time

-Release 4 5 pound extinguishers right next to the fume hoods

-Release 4 5 pound extinguishers spread throughout room

-Place 8 eggs evenly distributed throughout lab

-Release at same time, leave room and allow eggs to record decay rate.

Measure Pressure differential in Duct with motor.

-One duct is different from the others, it has a motor inside that may change the pressure inside the duct

-Measure the pressure differential using EXTECH monitor.

-Determine wether or not pressure within duct is negative therefore interfering with he flow rate.

Measure pressure from the hallway and the room.

-Measure pressure at doorway of the lab using EXTECH monitor.

Measure PPM of acetic acid in classroom during lab testing.

A class is conducting the same acidic acid experiment and this time we will be there with acidic acid tube testing, sampling different area within the room finding the PPM during the experiment.

Current OSHA PEL: 10 ppm (25 mg/m3) TWA

1989 OSHA PEL: Same as current PEL

1993-1994 ACGIH TLV: 10 ppm (25 mg/m3) TWA, 15 ppm (37 mg/m3) STEL